by Michel Huot

How would you like to have an excellent memory?

Take back control of your memory with easy-to-use techniques

The MEMORY workshop has multiple benefits

Optimise your memory now

Technology helps you in your daily tasks, but it also hurts your development. The result? Your memory atrophies. Using simple techniques, take action now to regain control.

  • Who is this workshop for?

    Although this workshop was originally designed for entrepreneurs, it is aimed at everyone from teenagers to the elderly. In just 2h30, you will learn techniques that will serve you the same day and forever!

  • What will you learn?

    Simple and effective, this technique will allow you to memorize your daily tasks, both professional and personal. Memory is not a muscle, but works like a muscle. Maximize its power with the memory workshop.

  • Two formats, same results!

    Take the workshop online through the ZOOM platform or attend the workshop in person (we follow all social distancing rules).

  • Amazing results, little investment

    The Memory workshop has proven itself to many participants. Easy to integrate into your daily life, the techniques learned will only require 5 minutes of practice per day for 10 days. A minimal investment for quick and lasting results.

Workshop procedure

In three parts

Part one

Memory theory

How does your memory work?
Why is it less and less efficient?

Part two

Memory exercise

See for yourself that without techniques, your memory can play tricks on you.

Part three


Integration and testing of the technique on site for all participants. A striking demonstration of the efficiency of the workshop


For businesses

Increase your productivity

The techniques learned by your colleagues, your employees and yourself will help increase your productivity both at work and at home. Several dates available, register according to your schedule, in virtual or face-to-face. *

* Reservation required for a group of eight (8) or more.

Personal section

Your memory, your best ally

No more forgetting at the supermarket; no more missed appointments. Treat yourself to a tool that will serve you for the rest of your life. Whether in the comfort of your living room or in person, attend the MEMORY workshop for the general public. We have several dates available. Register alone, with family or friends. *

* Reservation required for a group of eight (8) or more.
Michel Huot

Memory is more than retaining things,
it's what unites us with those we love.

Michel Huot

Your trainer /

An incomparable experience

Speaker, renowned magician and working in show business for nearly 25 years, you will not be bored in this workshop led by Michel Huot. Convinced that humans learn more easily in a fun way, Michel will dazzle you from start to finish. A teaching method that has proven itself as much in France as in Quebec and that bears his signature.


A memorable workshop!
When I signed up (out of curiosity) I was skeptical that anyone could show me any tips to improve my memory. I already had my own tips and thought I was good enough. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Michel Huot's tips work, immediately after the training and several weeks later. I am now more efficient. Everything becomes easier, like child's play. Wow! Thank you Michel. I recommend it to everyone!

Tamaro Diallo Forensic Tocisologist

The Workshop is definitely very constructive. By the exercises carried out throughout your performance, you've proven time and time again that the technique works. We are certain that our employees will benefit, both professionally and personally , from the acquired knowledge during this training. Finally, we would like to mention that you are a charismatic, charming and motivating person. We very highly recommend this workshop.

Véronique Leblanc EMD Construction / Batimo

The memory workshop given by Michel was not yet finished and we already knew, my colleague and I, that it would be extremely useful to us on a daily basis, both in our professional and in our personal life. It is an extraordinary training given by an outstanding facilitator. It is designed for everyone, and everyone would benefit from following it!

Fabien Côté President at Scriptis

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Online workshop
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